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Oricom Baby Monitor SC610


Secure 610 Premium Digital Oricom Baby Monitor

Baby Unit

'Starry Night Ceiling/Wall Projection
A soft comforting 'starry night' light show is projected onto the ceiling or wall to sooth baby.to sleep.
Nursery room temperature sensor
Records your baby’s room temperature and alerts the Parent Unit of any significant change.
Play Soothing music through the monitor
You can plug your MP3 player  into the baby unit giving you the option to play whatever music you choose for your baby what better way to reassure you baby.
19 True tone melodies
Sometimes we all need a little help to get to sleep; you can help your baby by selecting one of the 19 true tone melodies including classical, lullabies and nature sounds.
Soft comforting adjustable night light
No need to leave your baby in darkness, a soft starry glow from the night providing comfort and reassurance for your baby, soothing the way to sleep.
Parent Unit

Nursery room temperature monitoring with alarm function
This feature alerts you to any significant change in temperature in your baby’s room, this is important as your baby cannot yet regulate its own body temperature, and a change could make your baby uncomfortable and disturb his or her rest.
Parent talk back
This unit can be used as a two way radio to help allow you to keep in touch between the Parent Unit and the Baby Unit. Whether you need a helping hand, want to comfort your baby to let him or her know you are on the way, or simply want to share a moment; it’s good to know you can do so with the push of a button.
Privacy guaranteed with 120 auto-select channels
You can relax in the knowledge that you are the only one who can listen to your baby, and that the only baby you can hear is yours.
Clock with alarm function 
You can set the Display of the Parent Unit to show the current time. You will need to set the clock if you wish to use Feed Timer feature.
Hi-definition sound
With no distortion what so ever, you can clearly hear every breath, giggle and burp your baby has to share.
In-Built Torch
Convenient torch function with the added benefit of muting the unit which prevents unwanted feedback if you enter the nursery to check on baby.
Adjustable digital volume control
Adjust the volume level as needed; now you control how much you hear from your baby’s room, soft breathing, a giggle or the little ones cry.
Adjustable microphone sensitivity 
This allows you to adjust the microphone in the Baby Unit in relation to how close it is to your baby.
Out of range / low battery warning
Heed these warnings to ensure you are always in a position to listen to your baby.
3 year warranty 
Peace of mind. Buy your Oricom product with confidence.

  • Model: Oricom Baby Monitor SC610

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