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Baby Shower Game Ideas


: (Materials - a baby dummy each) Can you spit the dummy the furthest? Line up alongside eachother and see who really knows how to Spit the Dummy!

BABY SHOWER GAME #2 - BOTTLE RACES : (Materials- Baby bottles with Milk or alternate drink). Have each participant take a bottle filled with a liquid and suck the bottle as a baby would. The woman who drinks the most in an allotted time wins the baby shower gift. This baby shower game gets everyone laughing!

BABY SHOWER GAME #3 - WHAT HAS BABY EATEN? : (Materials- 5-10 disposable nappies with 5-10 different types of chocolates/foods, a pen and paper for each player). This game is one of the funniest and most popular baby shower games. Before the game has begun, melt or mash the different items separately, placing each one in a nappy to be viewed by everyone. Mark each nappy as A, B, C, D, etc. Have everyone examine the dirty nappies and through sight and smell try and guess what food baby has eaten. Make sure to use some bars that have nuts, toffee, caramel, etc. You are sure to get great laughs! Suggestions: Nutella, Peanut Butter, Mars Bars, Snickers, Vegemite, Mash Pumpkin, Caramel Buds.

BABY SHOWER GAME #4 - PASS THE DUMMY : (Materials: Dummies with handles you can hold and straws) - Break up into teams of 4 or 5 people and have everyone stand in a line facing the person in front of them. The first person will place a straw in their mouth and place the straw through pacifier handle and in their mouth (the straw in their mouth not the pacifier). When you say "go" the first person passes the pacifier to the next person who should have their straw in their mouth and lets the pacifier slide down their straw (without any hands and no contact other than the straw). Everyone on the team passes the pacifier from straw to straw, no hands, no contact but lots of fun.

BABY SHOWER GAME #5 - DINNER TIME : (Materials: 4 blindfolds, 4 baby bottles, 4 spoons, 4 jars of baby food with the label removed and labeled A,B,C,D) - Get all baby shower guests that want to participate in pairs of 2. Each pair gets a baby food jar, baby bottle with apple juice (or some other type of drinkable liquid) and a blindfold. The person in the pair that has the jar of baby food will get blindfolded and will have to feed their partner while both sitting across from each other in chairs. When they are done with the whole jar of baby food, the person blindfolded has to drink what is in the bottle to win. The first team to do this the quickest while racing wins! You can also have fun asking each pair what flavour the babyfood was. The Hostess should keep record of what each letter jar actually contained - special prize if you get it right!

BABY SHOWER GAME #6 - MEMORISE IT - (Materials: Piece of paper and a pencil for each guest) - Have a tray filled with lots of baby items; bottle, rattle, jar of food, etc. Have the mom-to-be walk around and show the tray to each guest. (They will begin to try to memorize what's on it!) Then, having pre-prompted the mom-to-be, to excuse herself to the restroom. Direct the guests to write down what the mom-to-be was wearing, NOT what was on the tray! You might have the mom-to-be wear extra jewelry, sweater, etc. beforehand.

BABY SHOWER GAME #7 - BABY SHOWERS LEFT AND RIGHT - (Materials: a wrapped baby shower prize and the following story to be read) - DIRECTIONS: Form a circle with all baby shower participants. Each time you hear the word "right", pass the present to the person on your right. When you hear the word "left", pass the present to the person on your left. When you finish this story the person holding the item is the winner of it. Have either the mommy-to-be start the game or choose who holds the prize first. Here is the story to read when playing:
This is a story about Mrs. Wright's baby shower tea party. She lived right at the end of Lefty Lane, the third house on the left. Today, Mrs. Wright was hosting a baby shower tea party. The women would enter left, right through the front door and greet Mrs. Wright, they would head right down the stairs, turning left then right into Mrs. Wright's family room where the mommy-to-be was. Two of the girls were left-handed so they would sit at the left of the table. Mrs. Wright held up her right hand and all of her friends grew quiet, except the left-handed girl on the right patting Mrs. Wright's dog named Hefty Lefty. Mrs. WrightWright and Julie Wright to pass out the teacups starting to the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright started out left but turned back because they left the cups just to the right of the table, right next to the spoons. Mrs. Wright said, "That's all right." Mrs. Wright began to serve her friends some pie when Grandma Wright smelled the delicious desserts and left her bedroom to join the Wright girls. She went down the stairs and turned left than right, right into Mrs. Wright's family room. Grandma Wright knocked and entered left and sat in the rocking chair on the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright invited Grandma Wright to join them at the table. Grandma Wright had been to many baby showers as a young girl and right before they realized it, Grandma Wright was telling them a stories from when she was the mommy-to-be and went to the right cabinet and in the left drawer were pictures of her baby shower. As the party ended right on time, they all put their dishes rightleft side of the sink and thanked Mrs. Wright and Grandma Wright for such a wonderful time. Soon, all of the women from the Wright baby shower tea party turned right left, then left again to return to the front door and out to the right car that they arrived in. Down lefty lane they went. Now who ended up with the right gift?

BABY SHOWER GAME #8 - TINKLE IN THE POT : (Materials: two coins for each baby shower participant, masking tape, glass jars) - Every pregnant woman is always running to the bathroom. This game lets us laugh about it. Group participants in teams of 4 or 5. Be sure to have two same size coins for each person and as many jars as there are teams. Place a tape strip at a starting line on the floor. Have teams line up behind the starting line. Place jars across the room from each team. Baby shower contestants must place the coin between their knees and waddle to the jar. They must drop the coin in the jar (tinkle in the pot). NO HANDS ALLOWED!! If the person misses or drops the coin along the way they must start over. Each teammate had to go twice. The first team to make all of their potty runs will win prizes. Because there are so many winners we had small inexpensive gifts. This had the ladies rolling with laughter. We also had some hilarious photos afterward. It is also fun to put balloons up your shirt. (You can not see the pot while playing).

BABY SHOWER GAME #9 - GOOD ADVICE : (Materials: Strips of A4 (long) paper and pens) - All the guests get given a strip of paper - the paper must be fairly narrow and long. Fold the paper into quarters and then get the baby shower guests to write a problem they may have had in the first few weeks of having their baby (e.g. baby doesn't sleep well, baby cries too much, baby doesn't burp after a feed then cries etc.on the first quarter). Fold the paper in half and pass it three people along. Without reading the problem on the page, the baby shower guests then write the solution to their problem and fold the paper so it is like a small parcel. The papers are gathered up and the mother-to-be reads out the problems and the solutions.

BABY SHOWER GAME #10 - DRESS THE BABY : (Materials: Several rolls of toilet paper and a timer) - Divide the baby shower guests into groups of 4-5 people. Each group selected one member of the group to be the "baby". The other members of the group dressed the "baby" in a bonnet and diaper out of nothing but toilet paper. The Mommy to be judged the best outfit! Very fun and silly baby shower game!

BABY SHOWER GAME #11 - MULTI TASKING : (Materials - cell phone or toy baby phone, baby clothing, clothes pegs, string, baby doll). This is a great multi tasking game where you hold up a clothes line, give the baby shower participant a baby doll and cell phone. When you say go, they must take the baby clothes and hang them up on the clothes line, old fashion style, while carrying the baby and on the cell phone (or baby phone). Give everyone 3 minutes and see how many clothes they can get up on the line without dropping the phone or toy baby.

BABY SHOWER GAME #12 - BIG BABY : (Materials: Large towel, big rubberbands or string) - At the begining of the baby shower show guests a towel (can be pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby) and rubberbands. Explain to the guests that the object of this game is to not cross your legs during the baby shower because a woman cannot give birth with her legs closed. Tell all your guest to scream like babies if they see someone with their legs crossed. The person caught with their legs crossed has to take the towel, place it between their legs and connect the corners and tie with big rubber band or string and repeat on other side to form a big nappy. That person is then the only one that can yell out when they see someone who also has their legs crossed and then they can pass on Nappy Duty to them...and so on. This baby shower game is a blast with a lot of laughs.

BABY SHOWER GAME #13 - BABY POO PONG : ( Materials: 6 nappies, a brown thin sock and rice) - Make "baby poo" by filling the bottom of a sock with rice and folding it over into a ball. Take the 6 nappies and make "cups" out of them by opening them up and then securing them as you would if they were on a baby. Line up the 6 nappies into a triangle and then tape them together. Every guest at the shower receives 5 turns throwing the "poo" into the nappy cups. The one who gets the poo into the nappies the most times wins. This is best for smaller baby showers (or good for dad and friends to play).

BABY SHOWER GAME #14 - KISS THE TEDDY : (Materials: Stuffed Teddy Bear or any stuffed animal) - Pass around a cute stuffed animal and have every baby shower guest kiss it anywhere they like (i.e., ear ,belly, feet) while you write down their name and place where they kissed it. Next, bring in the mommy to be and have the baby shower guest, kiss the mommy-to-be in the same place they kissed the stuffed animal. It's fun and hilarious when a guest kisses her nose, feet. The mommy to be will pick a winner which will be her most embarrassing kiss! The stuffed animal can be given as a baby shower gift and you can take lots of pictures to keep great memories of the event!

BABY SHOWER GAME #15 - TOO MUCH INFORMATION : As the mother to be is opening her gifts from guests, the Hostess will be writing down the exclamations as she opens each one. Depending on how many different responses she gives, later on ask her the same number of questions and get her to read out her answers which you have written down. eg: "oh, I really wanted one of those / I didn't think you could get them that big! / I've seen them but I didn't know where to get one! / Thank you! / It's beautiful, and so soft!" Explain that you have written down her own words, then questions might be: "What did you say when your hubby proposed? / What was your reaction on your wedding night? / What did your partner say when you told him you were pregnant? " Adjust your questions to match her answers, and remember, the aim is to make her laugh - not feel uncomfortable!

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